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New Holland MY Yard Tractors, lawn tractors and riding mowers at Pioneer Equipment RGV, with 3 locations South Texas.

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MY Yard Tractors (Limited quantites available.)

Tough on yard work. Easy on you.

MY yard tractors from New Holland offer reliability and maneuverability so you can make fast work of yard work. The 16-inch turning radius is second to none, and that means you work efficiently, even when your yard seems like an obstacle course. You can quickly mow around trees and landscaped beds. And, each MY model is packed with features you'd expect to find on a larger, garden-type tractor, so you can tackle tough mowing jobs and yard chores with ease.

Two-cylinder, commercial-grade Kawasaki engines power the larger 17-horsepower MY17 and 19-horsepower MY19, offering dependable performance and long life. A reliable, fuel-efficient, one-cylinder Kohler engine powers the 16-horsepower MY16.

The two-pedal hydrostatic transmission controls are smooth and extremely easy to operate. Just press the front of the pedal to go forward and press on your heel to move in reverse. There's no need to clutch or shift. Cruise control (MY17 and MY19) is a convenient feature, especially when mowing large areas.

Rugged construction allows MY yard tractors to endure years of heavy-duty work with attachments. The front axle and spindles are cast iron. And, the welded steel angle frame offers added durability compared to the stamped sheet metal design used by some competitive units.

A step-through operator platform, simple controls and easy-to-read instrumentation make MY yard tractors comfortable and simple to operate. The contoured, high-back seat provides ultimate comfort and adjusts for a perfect fit without tools. The automotive-style steering wheel also tilts to fit each operator. A cup holder is provided for added convenience.

A wide-mouth, four-gallon gas tank reduces spills and provides for extended operation between fill-ups.

The MY hood tips forward for complete engine access. Ease of servicing is a built-in feature of MY yard tractors. It's possible to change a belt in 15 minutes since there's no need to disassemble the steering support brackets, tie rods or gear sector, as is required on other mowers.

New EZ-Latch™ system makes switching between attachments easier than ever. A single-pin point pickup is simple to adjust and lock.

Electro-hydraulic lift feature (MY19 only) raises or lowers decks or implements at the push of a button. The models MY16 and MY17 feature a lift assist spring that allows you to easily lift heavier attachments.

Model HP Engine Type Transmission Attachment Lift System
MY16 16 1-cylinder Kohler Command Hydrostatic Manual
MY17 17 2-cylinder Kawasaki Hydrostatic Manual
MY19 19 2-cylinder Kawasaki Hydrostatic Power




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