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Visit our new site for updated model information

Find New Holland sub-compact tractors and Boomer™ sub-compact tractors at Pioneer Equipment RGV, with 3 stores in Texas.

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Boomer™ Sub-compact Tractors

Boomer™ Sub-compact Tractors

So much more than lawn and garden tractors

You'll check off your to-do list in a hurry with a Boomer™ sub-compact tractor from New Holland. These tractors can power a variety of implements to handle chores that ordinary lawn and garden tractors can't. All models feature mid and rear PTOs as standard equipment.

Boomer sub-compact tractors combine ergonomics and comfort to let you work efficiently for long periods of time. Boomer's best-in-class design features a sloped hood that provides the most operator visibility on the market, and high-impact polymer panels with a paint finish that's better than what you'll find in most auto showrooms. Four powerful halogen headlights brighten your path if you work after dusk or before dawn, and their high-mount location ensures superior lighting even when using front mounted attachments.

Extended power train warranty puts Boomer at the head of the pack. This means you get an extra twelve months of power train coverage beyond Boomer's standard full-vehicle 24-month warranty at no extra charge. 

The mid PTO (2200 rpm) can power a mid-mount mower and implements like a snow blower or rotary broom. The rear PTO (540 rpm) allows you to use rear mounted implements like a rotary tiller.

Four-wheel drive is standard equipment. Simply use the lever on the left fender to shift from 2WD to FWD when the going gets tough.

The optional Sensitrak™ system (available on the Boomer 1025 and T1030) provides the ultimate in turf-friendly control. It engages four-wheel drive automatically when it's needed and disengages when it's not, for better fuel efficiency, increased pulling power and less rear axle stress. It's gentle on turf too. Just set it and forget it! 

Differential lock is standard on both models, allowing you to lock both rear wheels together for better traction when required in slippery conditions.

Long-lasting, wet-disc brakes provide sure stops with minimal effort.

Choose cleat or turf tires to match the kind of work you do. 

The front Quick-Attach sub-frame system allows you to quickly change between front-mounted implements like front blades, snow blowers and brooms. 


Model Gross Engine hp PTO hp Axle Transmission
Boomer 1020 / T1010 20 15.5 FWD 2-speed Hydrostatic
Boomer 1025 / T1030 26 19.7 FWD (Optional Sensitrak™ 4WD) 2-speed Hydrostatic


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